Pam Nori, Homeopath in Orillia, Ontario

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Pam Nori BA, MA, DHM


Do you have health problems that you are

having trouble resolving and would like to find

a natural approach to?  I am a Homeopathic

Practitioner and I have treated people with

emotional, mental and physical problems for

27 years with homeopathic remedies and

supplements.  Many of my clients have chronic

health problems so I am used to working with

complex issues.

Some of the health problems have included: arthritis, anxiety, acne,

digestive problems, fatigue, fibro myalgia, gout, inflamation, sinuses, skin

problems, children's ailments, women's and men's health and more. The

homeopathic consultations are done in person or they  can also be

conducted over the phone.


If you would like to have more information, please contact me through the

website under Contact.


I am located in Orillia, Ontario Canada.  Phone # 705-329-4953 

Homeopathic Health Center.